1966 Batcave is Coming

1966 Batcave is Coming

There's a secret hidden beneath stately Wayne Manor, and it's one that Figures Toy Company would like to bring to the surface! The Dynamic Duo's base of operations, The Batcave, is being developed in a style reminiscent of its design on the Batman TV series! This all new playset differs from the previous Batcave release, with a new look inspired by the classic Batman TV and added features! Both Batman and Robin will be able to slide down the Bat-poles and spring into action! The '66 Batcave has a highly detailed interior featuring a new Bat-Computer, while the exterior of the playset includes a secret entrance and a view of Wayne Manor and rural Gotham! Lastly, collectors can call the Caped Crusader into action by using the new Bat-Signal! The '66 Batcave is the perfect compliment to the popular Batman Classic TV Series figures, and you'll be able to bring it home later this year! Additional images and information will follow in the coming months

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  • todd dean - December 05, 2019

    any word on the new adventures of batman when is it gonna nbe released?

  • Chris krieg - May 05, 2017

    Why couldn’t they have made this like 40 years ago?

  • Nelson lebron - May 05, 2017

    I think this batman 66" batcave is going to be awesome ,now their is another company who is coming out with a batcave also but that one will light up and it’s a table top version and I believe is running around $700 or even more now that’s too much for my blood so with that being said I will wait for F.T.C to bring their version of the batcave , I think I’m going to enjoy theirs better not only for the price but for the way it looks I can’t wait! That would be great for Christmas ?

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