Coming Soon!! Batcycle

Coming Soon!! Batcycle

Just one week ago, Figures Toy Company revealed the news that collectors had long been waiting for; that an exact replica Batmobile, based on the Mego release, would soon be available for their DC Comics retro figures.  This week, they’ve added another mode of transportation for the Caped Crusader, and are pleased to announce that they will also be manufacturing an exact replica Batcycle for their figures as well!

Just like the Batmobile, FTC’s Batcycle will be based on its Mego counterpart, and will come in 3 colors.  The traditional black and blue versions that Bat-fans remember from long ago will be available, as will a red version.  The Batcycle can hold 2 retro figures (one on the cycle, one in the sidecar), so if you’ve got the Dynamic Duo ready to ride into action, they can head to the scene of the crime together.  Rogues like The Joker and The Penguin may try to get away, but there won’t be any outrunning the Batman and Robin while they’re roaring down the streets of Gotham City on the Batcycle!

This another major release for Figures Toy Company, who have started off 2017 strong with their Batmobile and Batcycle announcements, as well as the debut of new figures like Jonny Quest and Scooby Doo.  Release information on the Batcycle will be given in the coming months, and collectors are definitely going to want to find a parking spot for it on their toy shelf!  

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