DeSaad, Darkseid, and Kalibak Coming soon from FTC!

DeSaad, Darkseid, and Kalibak Coming soon from FTC!

The World’s Greatest Heroes may have met their match! The powerful ruler of the planet Apokolips has found a new home at Figures Toy Company, and several others have followed suit. Prepare yourselves for the impending doom that will be brought by Darkseid, Kalibak, and DeSaad!

As one of DC Comics’ most notable villains, Darkseid has appeared in various forms of media through the years. Now, for the first time ever, FTC is bringing this New God into their assortment with an all new retro style figure based on his appearance in The Legendary Super Powers animated series! Joining the intergalactic eliminator are two of his closest cohorts! FTC is using their “animation inspiration” for their retro figure renditions of DeSaad and Kalibak too, as Darkseid’s evil followers will stand alongside him in the fight against the other FTC Super Friends releases!

No images are available for this trio of terror at this time, but you can bet that Figures Toy Company will help you all prepare for their arrival. Look for more updates in the coming months regarding when you can have Darkseid and company conquer your collection!

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