Exclusive! Black Canary by Figures Toy Company

Exclusive! Black Canary by Figures Toy Company

As you can see by the design that FTC is going with, this Black Canary is based on her original incarnation and Carmine Infantino’s artwork. Dressed in her classic blue and black costume, this Dinah Drake version of the Canary looks as if she’s running right off of the cover of Flash Comics! This has been one of FTC’s most anticipated figures ever since it was announced, and this preview is going to create a sonic scream of joy among DC Comics figure collectors!

Black Canary is one of many new DC Comics characters that Figures Toy Company will be introducing into their assortment of DC Comics characters, but she’s by far one of the ones that collectors can’t wait for! She’ll be available to order on Figures Toy Company in the near future, along with other announced figures like Zatanna, The Royal Flush Gang from the Super Friends series, and the new series of Swamp Thing figures! Superhero fans will have a whole lot to add to their toy collections thanks to FTC, and Black Canary will be at the top of that list.

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