Superman is off the chain!

Superman is off the chain!

Get ready to recreate one of the most iconic DC Comics covers of all time in retro figure style, because their latest release is a new Superman figure based on Neal Adams' Superman #233 cover art! The famous artwork, depicting Superman breaking free of his Kryptonite chains, is one of the most recognized renderings of the Man of Steel. FTC's new figure not only features an updated Supes sculpt, but includes a Kryptonite chain accessory! By the way, it's not really Kryptonite, so don't go getting any crazy ideas. It is limited however, with only 500 of these figures being made available to purchase! Last, but not least, the famous cover art is also depicted on the packaging to show collectors where the inspiration for this figure came from!

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  • tom sciacca - November 13, 2020

    Any chance they will do a George Reeves Superman figure?

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