Hello True Believers!!!

Hello True Believers!!!

It's a terrific week for toys!  The man responsible for so many of our favorite comic books characters is now an action figure suitable to stand aside the World's Greatest Heroes!  The incomparable Stan Lee joined forces with Figures Toy Company to create official retro action figures, and now FTC has two versions of Stan in stock!  Make your selection from either Stan in his trademark green sweater and dress pants, or the version in dress pants, shirt, and vest.  Collect the beloved creator of classic comic characters in your favorite style, or bring them both into your home!

Aside from the news that has everyone shouting "Excelsior!", one of DC Comics' instantly recognizable rogues has arrived!  Collectors have been making requests ever since the early days of FTC's foray into DC Comics retro figures, and one villain that was always high on the list has been Solomon Grundy.  A lot of collectors will now be able to fill the void in their villain collection, because Solomon Grundy is now available at FTC!   That's right, he's gone from virtually immortal to highly collectible! Grundy's first retro figure release is limited to only 500 pieces, and is packaged on a Mego-like card.  

Stan Lee's figures and the Limited Edition Solomon Grundy are all up for order on www.worldsgreatestsuperheroes.com and shipping now, along with a host of other new items!  Retro Batmobiles and Batcycles in a variety of colors and the latest assortment of Super Friends figures are just a few of the recent releases that have collectors going crazy!

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