The Purrrrrfect Addition

The Purrrrrfect Addition
Two legendary actresses, one classic character.  This week, Figures Toy Company is letting the cats out of the bag, as they are pleased to proved a sneak preview of the upcoming Catwoman figures from the Batman Classic TV Series 6!

As fans of the '66 Batman show know, the Catwoman character was portrayed by several different actresses during the shows run.  Now, both the Julie Newmar version and Eartha Kitt's turn as Batman's feline foe will be showcased as retro figures!  Each figure comes in the classic black Catwoman outfit, with gold belts, necklaces, and removable masks!

Collectors have been clamoring for Catwoman for a while, and will no doubt appreciate this preview of what's to come.  Don't forget, additional figures like Alfred as Batman and various henchman figures have also been announced, allowing Batman '66 collectors to expand their assortment of Gotham City's most recognizable faces.  Release information is forthcoming, so track those updates every week with hashtag #MMFTCNEWS across social media!  Eager to add the latest releases to your collection?  Then check out what World's Greatest Superheroes has in stock! New releases include retro figures of Space Ghost, Two-Face, Flash, and many more of your favorite retro characters!
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