Play Ball!!!!

Play Ball!!!!

Who’s the supervillain that sends Batman swinging for the fences? Why it’s none other than The Riddler, and Figures Toy Company has hit it out of the park with their latest variant version of the classic criminal. Coming in 2019 is a new Riddler figure that features his new head sculpt and a Gotham City Knights baseball uniform!

As you can see by FTC’s design, Riddler is ready to throw Batman a few curveballs in his fight against crime. The Caped Crusader’s legendary rival comes dressed in a pinstriped players uniform, with baseball cap and mustache to hide his familiar face from being found out!

Don’t forget that besides this variant Riddler, there are new versions in his classic costumes coming to the Batman Retro Series as well! There are also some big releases coming in December to close out the year at Figures Toy Company, such as Hawkman, Man-Bat, a new Nightwing, and the US Presidents!

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