Riddle Me This!

Riddle Me This!

Slated for release in a new wave of the popular Batman Retro Series, the new Riddler is in line with how he is depicted in the pages of DC Comics.   With a sinister smile that rivals that of The Joker’s, Batman’s question mark covered nemesis will be made available in 2 versions!  FTC is producing The Riddler in his trademark bodysuit, and they’ve also made the deranged evildoer look dapper in alternate suit and tie attire, complete with his bowler hat!  Figure collectors can choose their favorite or collect both versions, as these standout supervillain figures will be released simultaneously.

Two Riddlers might mean double trouble for Batman, but it means twice the fun for retro figure collectors (as well as twice the amount of shelf space you’ll need).  These Riddler figures are just the cherry on top of a long list of anticipated figures from FTC, such as Bane, The Royal Flush Gang from the Super Friends series, and even Swamp Thing!

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