The Jokers Wild!

The Jokers Wild!

There’s a lunatic heading towards Figures Toy Company, and he’s preparing to join the Legion of Doom! That’s right, none other than the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker, is joining FTC’s lineup of Super Friends figures!

With an appearance that calls back to Hanna Barbera’s animated rendition of the prolific DC Comics character, FTC’s new Joker figure is bound to please fans of the man with the sadistic smile. Designed on the skinny retro body, with a new head sculpt reflecting his animated appearances alongside the Legion of Doom, this new Joker is slender, scary, and will be a standout in any figure collection!

No release date is available for The Joker or any of the other new Super Friends figures in the works, but you’ll be hearing about it right here as soon as the news hits!

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