Wendy and Marvin Figure Reveals!

Wendy and Marvin Figure Reveals!

Your Figures Toy Company Super Friends collection is not complete without these two newly revealed figures. If you are not familiar with these two, then shame on you! These were two of the original Super Friends, but there was nothing particularly “super” about them, other than Marvin’s fantastic shirt and cape.

To be honest, I hated these two growing up, because I thought they took spots away for two other established DC Comics characters. However I can appreciate these two figures as you can’t tell the story of Super Friends without them. Figures Toy Company has done a fantastic job of capturing the animated likeness of each character in these figures.

The one missing ingredient with this 2-pack is Marvin’s pet Wonder Dog. No word on if he will be released any time soon. No word on when these figures will be available or the actual price, but you can keep it here and we will update you with the information as soon as it is made available. Until then, enjoy the two photos released below!

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