Batman 1966 Classic TV Breather Series

Where do they get those wonderful toys? It's time to gear up with Gotham City's greatest crime fighters, as Figures Toy Company is going all out with accessories for the new Deluxe Edition Batman and Robin figures! 
Based on the Classic TV Series, both Batman and Robin will come with an abundance of accessories that will help them fight off their foes.  Each figure has the "Bat Breather" head sculpt, and comes with wonderful weapons used to keep the crime out of Gotham!  Each figure is clad in their classic, standard attire with head sculpts depicting them as they were portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward!  This is the first time the Bat Breather head sculpt has been used on a full fledged figure.
Batman and Robin will both be numbered and limited to 300 pieces, so if you want to bolster your Batman arsenal, act fast!  

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