Custom Outfitters

Depending on what you need done, something sewn already designed, something sewn needing to be designed or something printed on a body suit we have someone that we can recommend for you.

If you are looking for a custom sewn suit which the colors are material sewn together similar to my Bucky then the person you would want to contact is Brian Leitner. He has stock photos of custom suits that he makes and list through his eBay store and he also has pics that can be found on his Facebook page as well.

Facebook: Brian Leitner 

eBay Store: bleit1701

Next if you are looking to have a custom suit, jacket, robe or uniform made with material sewn together I highly recommended O.T. Puente. 

Facebook: O.t. Puente

Now if you are in the market for printed suits similar to a vintage Spider-Man suit where the design is printed in different colors on the material then Austin Hough is the person you are looking for. He also has stock images of vast amounts of already existing suits from both the Dc Universe and the Marvel Universe.. 

Facebook: Austin Hough

This should help more who are in the market. If you have any questions they are most helpful or I would suggest checking out the Mego Museums Facebook custom group and some there will be more than helpful with any questions you may have. 

Facebook Group: Mego Museum Customego

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