DC Comics World's Greatest Heroes Mego Retro Box: Set of all 16 Figures And Box

Figure Toy Company


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Do you miss the days of Mego?  Can you remember the first time you took a Mego figure out of the box? Or are you a newer collector, who has only heard about the glory days of the beloved toy company?  Well, there's good news for collectors of all ages, because Figures Toy Company is going to give you the opportunity to enjoy more "Mego moments" with original Mego style line re-issues, packaged in classic style window boxes (same size as the originals)!

This series will include 16 DC Comics characters as they were seen in the original Mego line, right down to the last detail even as they were packed in the boxes back in the 1970's!  

Not only are these figures done in the Mego style design, both in figure style and packaging, but an added touch is that you'll be able to show them off in your very own Mego style store display!  Figures Toy Company is producing the display (sold separately) to recapture as much of that Mego magic as possible!  Imagine showing off your collection the way they were seen in stores all those years ago!

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