World's Greatest Heroes Mego Style Card: Aquaman With Green Gloves Yellow Card [Exclusive Edition]

Toycade Exclusive


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Once again, Figures Toy Company is teaming up with Toycade to provide more Mego Repro coolness.  This time around, we are offering up a double-shot of Aquaman based on what is quite possibly one of the hardest-to-find Mego "mistakes," DC Comics' Sea King himself on so-called error cards. One finds Aquaman with blue Batman gloves on a late Seventies Mego Superman card back. The other is a standard Aquaman on a yellow card sans character logo. 

As the story goes, in the waning days of its World's Greatest Super-Heroes line, Mego intentionally released these "variants"—some reportedly with glow-in-the-dark hands—in order to liquidate back stock. 
Dubbed "Franken-Aquaman" by Mego collectors, both carded figures remain expensive rarities today.

Here's the fun part...One of each will include randomly inserted glow-in-the-dark hands! That’s right! As an homage to the original extremely rare figures, 2 lucky collectors will receive one figure with glow-in-the-dark hands! Only 100 sets are available so get yours quick before they are gone!

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