World's Greatest Heroes Kresge Mego Card Series: Removable Mask Robin Yellow Outfit Exclusive

Emerald City Exclusive


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Emerald City Comics Exclusive

Hot off the heels of their exclusive Riddler figure, Emerald City Comics and Figures Toy Company are teaming up again for a Bat-tastic exclusive figure of the Boy Wonder! Not just ANY Boy Wonder, but the rarest of ALL Megos!!! Only at Emerald City Comics will you be able to get the yellow-sleeves, yellow-trunks, cloth belt, removable mask Kresge carded Robin!

This latest retro figure of Batman's sidekick shows off a vintage Robin design.  The figure will be limited to 700 pieces, and each package will be numbered.  This will be the only way to add the rare Boy Wonder in this attire to your collection!  No other Robin figures will be released this way!

This Emerald City Comics exclusive is limited to 750 pieces worldwide and is labeled with an Emerald City Exclusive sticker.

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