Superman 8 Inch Retro Series: Clark Kent in Superman Outfit [Exclusive Edition]

Emerald City Exclusive


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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a new figure from Emerald City Comics and Figures Toy Company!  Direct from the nearest phone booth he can find, it’s a brand new Clark Kent figure. It looks like we have caught him in the middle of a super transformation!
Comic fans would feel a sense of excitement when danger hits Metropolis, and Clark Kent would tear open his shirt, revealing the legendary “S” logo as he prepared to become Superman.  Emerald City Comics and Figures Toy Company have captured that feeling and used it as inspiration for their latest release!  The new Clark Kent figure features a new head sculpt, and is clothed in Clark’s reporters attire, with his shirt bursting open to show the Superman costume underneath!  Additional accessories include removable glasses, a fedora, Superman's uniform, and boots to complete the transformation!  It’s like getting two figures in one with Clark Kent fully transforming into the Man of Steel!  
Numbered Limited Edition of 200 pieces worldwide!

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