Mego Female Body Elastic Replacement Cord for 8" Action Figures



Replacement elastic band for Mego Female 8 inch bodies. You get 12 inches of replacement elastic cord for restringing a Mego Female body. There are a lot of ways to restring a female body depending on what needs tightening.

Legs: You can do just the legs by going left to right on the leg loops.

Arms: You can also do just the arms the same way left to right using the arm loops. No need to remove the shoulder pins.

Neck and Waist: You can do the neck to body and waist by starting at the top above the neck plug and let the elastic then make its way down through the body and loop under the waist pin like it is originally and back up through the neck plug. You will need the C piece at the top or if you lose it like I did a paper clip that you round up a few times will work. Just as long as you create a blocker to keep the elastic from going through the neck plug and back into the body. I would keep this restring method separate from any other body party you do.

Legs and Arms: You can restring it like a Type 2 Male body and loop arm to the opposite leg using 2 strings or restring it like a Type 1 Male body and loop it circular through the body over the waist pin using just 1 string.

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