FTC Female Body Arm Elastic Rubberband Replacement for 8" Action Figure



8 inch female body replacement elastic for loose Retro & FTC female arms. Push the arm pins out 3/4 then taking and making a loop push the loop into the arm and close the pin so it locks in. Now using the crochet hook insert the hook in from the opposite end pushing through the body and have it hook the elastic. Now pull the elastic through the body and lock it on the outside if the body with the crochet hook. Noe using needle nose pliers, pull the elastic through and grab the loop with the pliers then with a free hand push the loop slack into the other arm and close the pin on it trapping in elastic in the arm now release the pliers and the arm will pull into the shoulder and is now fixed.

1 - Black Elastic O Ring

1 - Crochet Hook

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