Female Mego Leg Swap Fix

Female Mego Leg Swap Fix

Fix your Female vintage Mego with a leg swap. I found a way to actually fix my vintage figures using new mego female legs. You wire the female figure up like a male Type 2 body and still use the vintage arms which work great and hook them in. First cut the old band for the arms and the one for the legs. now using the new Mego legs with elastic and hook, work the hook part up to the opposite arm and lock the band in place with a crochet hook or screw driver. If you slightly close the open hook for the socket end, it may work better at this point before placing in the socket Next slide the pin open and place the hook inside the socket. You cannot just hook it in. Next while holding the hook, slide the pin back in place so its flush. Release the band and the arm should go right back into the socket with a nice snug fit with the new elastic band holding it. Great tight joints now and the hips are still slim. The foot is a bit bigger. Depending on the footwear most boots should work. Another way if you just wanted to tighten up a set of vintage hips or arms would be to use the C type hook found in a Type 2 Mego male body and hook it to the post of a female vintage leg and do the cross connect if you wanted to reuse the original legs.

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