FYI - Mego body vs Mattel DC Retro Superheros body

FYI - Mego body vs Mattel DC Retro Superheros body
Here is a comparison of the Mego doll body and the Retro Action doll body


Being the Mego fanatic that I am, I was curious to see how the Retro Action doll body was made. This is where I was most impressed. At first I had thought the bodies were too thin, but now I think they are just right. The sculpting is much better, the shoulder joint is excellent and looks like a shoulder! (Mego dolls do not have defined shoulders and the ability for posing the Mego arm/shoulder is also limited. The metal hooks that hold the arm onto the doll often get stuck on the edge of the arm hole, and it can be frustrating to get the arm back into position. This has been completely avoided with the Retro Action doll.) I also like the defined shape of the torso and the legs are also well sculpted. I like the way the knee joint is hidden, and less noticeable than the Mego knee joints. In terms of sculpting and design, the Retro Action doll body is far superior to the Mego!

My only complaint about the Retro Action doll body is the "floppy" midsection due to the elastic not being strong enough. This unfortunately limits the poseability and functionality of the doll. The doll's legs cannot be posed to stay in position, such as a kicking action, they way Mego dolls can. In addition, the top half of the Retro Action body does not stay upright easily, and tends to tilt to one direction so that the figure looks bent forward. As a result, the Retro Action dolls do not stand up on their own very well and it takes some patience to straighten the figures to a natural position. I would trust a Mego Type 2 doll to stand on its own without a doll stand no problem, but not a Retro Action doll.

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